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Cut To The Race F1 Podcast
The Fastest Growing Online F1 Community
Category: Sports
F1 is the greatest motorsport on earth. On this show, we review the latest F1 news, the latest races, have some great discussions on current matters but most importantly we have a good laugh along the way! This is the podcast created by the Formul ...more
F1 is the greatest motorsport on earth. On this show, we review the latest F1 news, the latest races, have some great discussions on current matters but most importantly we have a good laugh along the way! This is the podcast created by the FormulaNerds team, the online Formula 1 community reaching over 300,000 per week across social media. Whether you are a fan of Hamilton, Vettel, Mercedes or Red Bull, our panel have all views and favourites covered.
by FormulaNerds
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March 06, 2021 05:38 PM PST

This week, Oli, Will and Emma are joined by motorsport presenter and jounalist Jennie Gow and her husband, Sky Sports F1 video producer Jamie Coley.


 This is the first time the husband and wife duo have appeared on a podcast together, and they both share their experiences of working in the motorsport industry. The pair chat about Extreme E, which Jennie will be commentating on, and Jamie is involved in broadcasting the races on Sky Sports. We get their thoughts on the car launches that have happened over the past week, the katest F1 news and whether they have a favourite driver.


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February 28, 2021 03:02 PM PST
This weeks episode sees Oli joined by Formulanerds writer Dan, along with two guests from the Grand Prix Podcast Andy and Elton as they debate the news and content in the F1 world.This week the panel discuss the Formula E season opener in Saudi Arabia which saw great wins, dramatic crashes, and even a missile strike. Following this we discuss Romain Grosjean's Indycar test debut and his first ever Indycar crash!Other talking points included Lawrence Stroll's rumoured interest in Lewis Hamilton and the return of BWT to Aston Martin, a brand that knows the company well!We have entered the season of car launches and we discuss which ones stood out, which ones were boring and which ones were copied and pasted from last year. The panel give their views on ones to watch in the season ahead, and Dan tries to convince everyone Bottas can win a world title.Follow FormulaNerds
February 20, 2021 12:14 PM PST

This week on the 'Cut to The Race' podcast, Oli, Matt and Emma chat to Lawrence Barretto, Senior Writer at Formula One.


 Someone who works closely with drivers and teams, getting to chat to people we can only dream of, Lawrence tells us about his career to date including stints at Autosport and Motorsport.com. He discusses how he started his role at Formula One, and what he enjoys most about the many elements of his job. He also explains what is challenging about travelling with the F1 circus.


 Emma asks him if he has interviewed anyone, a driver or team, who have been particularly difficult, or awkward. The response is juicy, and Lawrence explains that sometimes he has to think on his feet.After watching the interview that Lawrence did with seven time world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton, Emma asks why Lewis gets such a negative response on social media despite hus success, his achievements and his involvement in inclusion and diversity within the sport.The conversation turns to the much anticipated upcoming F1 season Oli asks Lawrence if the calendar is likely to change this year due to the ongoing pandemic and we find out the impact of not having fans at the circuits has had on the sport and Lawrence's job.With the car launches in full swing, 


 Oli asks what team we should be watching this year, as Matt wants to know what driver line up is the strongest, and whether "super teams" are a thing.We discuss what tracks are a "must go to" and what circuits Lawrence would want to see back on the calendar.


 Matt also asks Lawrence on his thoughts about the CEO of Rich Energy, William Storey, trying to make a return to F1. Is it all hot air or should we have take him seriously? While we discuss this, William Storey tweets the Nerds and ignites the rumour mill again.


 Finally Emma wants to know about his shoe collection, which is now famous around the paddock, and Matt probes Lawrence on his Instagram bio, where he states he is a "burger connoisseur".Give this a listen for top tips of where to find the best burger joints around the F1 circuits.


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February 14, 2021 07:50 AM PST

In this special episode of the 'Cut to The Race' podcast, we have a special guest on the show. Oli, Emma, Matt and Will are joined by Chief Communications Officer of Aston Martin F1, Matt Bishop.


 Matt has previously worked at McLaren and most recently helped develop W Series. He has also released a new book, The Boy Made The Difference, which is beautifully written.


 Matt reminisces with the Nerds about his career journey, how he was never a motorsport fan until he picked up a copy of Autosport magazine back in the day, and saw the cars on the front.


He speaks candidly about his time working as a journalist, then progressing into his role at McLaren.He discusses what he thinks of Sir Lewis Hamilton's actions last year prompting the #WeRaceAsOne initiative. He also speaks openly to the panel about Lewis as a person and a driver.


 Matt helped launch W Series, the all female single seater series, with Catherine Bond Muir, in a bid to help promote females in motorsport. He discusses how it was born into what it is now, and gives us his view on when we may see a woman in an F1 car.


 He discusses his role at Aston Martin and gives us his thoughts on the drivers and expectations this year for the newly rebranded team.He moves on to talk about his new book, The Boy Made The Difference. A beautifully written fiction about the true reality of HIV/AIDS through the 80s and 90s. It is also about family and love. Matt talks about his inspirations and motivations behind the book and his experiences that he drew on to write it.


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February 06, 2021 02:40 PM PST

On this week's panel, Oli, Will and Emma discuss the latest Formula One news and debate the best race of all time.


The news this week is introduced by Emma who takes us through the headlines. The panel discuss the latest developments in Sir Lewis Hamilton's contract negotiations, including the controversial "team mate" clause. Emma also talks us through the twist in the tale in regards to the Portugese Grand Prix. The race could be cancelled due to possible travel restrictions imposed on the country but it has been reported that they could be in some money trouble and the race could be replaced with back to back races at Bahrain. Could we see the oval layout make a return this year?


 The panel discuss what Stefano Dominicali has said in regards to holding another race in the United States, possibly in Miami. But this also leads the panel to discuss how much Formula One needs to promote the sport more in America, not just the week leading up to the Grand Prix.


The panel tackle the subject of reverse grid races, and the possibility that we may see Saturday sprint races in the near future.The main topic in this podcast is what the panel consider as their best race of all time.


Emma takes us through the events of the Canadian GP of 2011, and how Jenson Button won a chaotic race. Famous for being the longest race in F1 history, Button won from last place, pitted 6 times and was involved in various scuffles.


Oli discusses the Brazilian GP of 2008 when Lewis Hamilton stole the world championship title from Felipe Massa on the last lap. A race where the phrase "Is that Glock?" was born and the absolute emotion from Massa when he learned that even though he won his home race, he lost the championship by 1 point.


Will takes us back (not very far) to the Austrian GP in 2020. As the season opener, this race set the scene for a fantastic season, with 9 DNF's, Lando Norris claiming his first F1 podium and some great racing. Will is a fairly new fan to F1 so it felt right to discuss the first ever full race he watched.


The panel move on to discussing the top 10 races voted by the fans on the official F1 website, and they try very hard to remember the significant events of each race.


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January 30, 2021 01:09 PM PST
On this week's panel we have Oli, Matt, Callum, Emma and a special guest joining us. Sam Hall, Editor at GP Fans. Callum brings us the latest news in Formula One, including the 2021 race schedule changes, the sad news of the passing of Adrian Campos, and the ongoing Sir Lewis Hamilton contract negotiations. Callum also brings us a quote from George Russell apparently taking a swipe at the seven-time world champion, which brings some debate to the proceedings. Oli is keen to get Sam's take on a recent article that Emma wrote on Fernando Alonso's return to the sport this year. Emma feels he has "had his day" and that returning could tarnish the legacy he has worked so hard to achieve, but Sam relishes the opportunity to put Emma in her place (don't worry, they are old friends!). The panel then discusses the evolution of the "new" team on the block, Aston Martin. Matt takes us back to when this iconic name first appeared in Formula One, back in 1959 and how the brand has returned to the grid. Callum discusses the timeline of events to the team we know now, from when it jumped onto the scene in 1991 under the guise of Jordan. It then became Midland F1 Racing, onto Spyker F1. Many of us will be more familiar of how the team was known as Force India and more recently, Racing Point. The panel discuss the driver selection for 2021 and whether Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll are the right drivers to bring the team forward. Finally, the panel discuss their own opinions on driver pairings for the 2021 season, and what teams have it right with drivers. Emma surprises us with her choice of driver pairing, and the panel agree that Mercedes will more than likely come out on top again in 2021, but it is the fight in the midfield that we should all be watching. We end the podcast acknowledging the new bromance between Matt and our guest Sam. Not quite Sainz and Norris, but it's a Nerds first.
January 23, 2021 02:41 PM PST

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On this week’s episode Oli, Callum, Will, and Matt put on their tin-foil hats to discuss some of F1’s biggest controversies.


Will starts off the gang by relaying the story of the missing telemetry from Arytin Senna’s 1994 Imola crash. Was this a deliberate maneuver by Williams or just unfortunate circumstance that led to the loss of a great? Will guides us through the legal proceedings and the investigative findings of the FIA and local municipalities involved as well as paying tribute to the legend the sport lost in this mysterious crash.


Matt actually did some research and delves into the Spygate fiasco of the 2007 formula one season. With Ferrari, Mclaren, and Renault all involved as well as some big names (including Jean Todt, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Ron Dennis),the tale turns to raise some very serious questions about the impartiality of the FIA and the governing bodies. With all the spying and illegal activity, it only feels fitting to have taken place in 007. 


Adding fuel to the conspiracy fire, Oli recounts the mysterious conditions surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s mysterious and all too convenient engine failure at the Brazilian Grand Prix. With Alonso and Hamilton not playing nice and getting along in the McLaren garage, did the FIA sacrifice sir Lewis’ hopes of a title as recompense for them competing in 2008? Did Kimi Raikkonen just get lucky with his championship that year or was more at play? Our panel lastly delves into the hotly contested debate about the 2016 champ Nico Rosberg’s first, last, and only drivers championship.


Callum reminds us of the history between the two and the unusual outcome that season produced. Did Mercedes leadership and bosses play a role in the mysterious gearbox issue?In a shocking turn of events, the panel may even defend Nico the more is it discussed. Join us and relive all the drama and intrigue of the controversies that still plague the F1 community as a whole.

January 16, 2021 03:06 PM PST

On our panel this week, Oli, Emma, Callum and Matt discuss breaking news from this week and the very popular but much-hated debate “Is it The Car?”

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Emma and Callum take us through the breaking news of this week including the news that Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc tested positive for Covid-19, the rumour that ex Haas driver Romain Grosjean could potentially have a drive in Indycar and the possibility that we could lose Monaco, Canada and Azerbaijan from the calendar this year due to the ongoing pandemic.

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The panel also discusses the news that William Storey and his Rich Energy brand could return to F1, and that Red Bull are in talks with Honda regarding a power unit deal from 2022. The main debate about car vs driver sparks discussion amongst the panel, with the conversation starting with a comparison of three main team and driver eras of Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes and their respective drivers Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

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Then the panel discuss driver pairings such as Lewis Hamilton vs Valtteri Bottas, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, and Matt tries hard to defend Ferrari yet again. We look at race wins in each era, and decide which era was the most dominant.

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January 13, 2021 08:09 AM PST
In our Cut to The Race special episode, Oli and Emma interview F1 journalist and correspondent Ben Hunt. Ben is an established Formula One and football journalist, working for The Sun newspaper here in the U.K. He gives us his views on the newly announced F1 calendar for 2021, and whether 23 races this year is a bit ambitious given the circumstances. The trio discuss Netflix and the Drive to Survive series which has brought a lot of new fans into the sport and THAT cameo Ben had in the Mercedes episode. He gives us the low down on the headlines that came from that cameo, plus his thoughts on Sir Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. Oli mentions Haas and the driver of car number 9, and Ben explains his thoughts on why said driver should have been sacked but gives the reasons why Haas have kept him. He gives us an insight into what it is like to be a journalist, the challenges, the highlights, the travelling and what some of the drivers are like. Emma asks Ben on his opinion of Lance Stroll and Oli asks Ben his honest opinion on Sergio Perez at Red Bull and Aston Martin. Strap yourselves in for some juicy stories and opinions!
January 10, 2021 11:41 AM PST
This week Oli and Will hold down the fort covering this week's latest news and we replay an interview with Former Silverstone Logistics Manager who shares some inside stories with the team.
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